Multicultural Village Dublin

Multicultural Village Dublin

The Multicultural Village in Dublin was a community centre open to everybody providing facilities for artists, musicians and people wanting to learn new skills such as languages, textile design and meditation. The centre held many workshops and events successfully that brought together all different kinds of people from around Dublin. Due to its unique outlook it received great feedback from those who were involved.

The centre was build without any planning permission from the Dublin City Council. The organizers made use of their right to assemble, though soon faced the first difficulties. After weeks of struggle with the Dublin City Council the landlord intervened and served an eviction notice.

This documentary depicts the struggle between those who want to create an open space in their community and those who ordered the closure.

With the people involved in the planning of the future of the centre the closure brought about great dismay. It leaves us to question whether the council should provide funding for such spaces rather than working against them.





  1. that place looks really cool, i wish i had a chance to visit it before they shut it down. its a real good documentary as well.

  2. That was a good documentary, I was here before and it was a great atmosphere, I hope there are more communities like this in Dublin in the future.

  3. It’s such a shame to see such a great place being shut down. And without good reason really.
    The video makes such an impact as you can see how much they loved it there.
    I would love to see more places like this in future so I can get a chance to get involved.

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