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Multicultural Advantage for Employment: Griffith College’s Qualification

Multicultural students in class

Unarguably, Ireland is indeed blessed with a good number of excellent public institutions like Trinity college and University College Dublin and private schools such as Griffith College and Dublin Business School (DBS) . While they are highly ranked internationally, not all these schools can boast of an actual international system that accommodates higher percentage of overseas students from all over the world. Meanwhile, since its establishment in 1974, over 7,000 students (hailing from China, Nigeria, Kenya, France, and other countries including Ireland) have graduated from Griffith College- making it the largest independent college in Ireland. 

Asides from offering quality education in the following fields: Business and Finance, Media and Journalism, Law, Design, Music, Drama and Computing Science at different major locations in Ireland, that is Dublin, Cork and Limerick; Griffith college offers a major advantage being a multicultural environment for learning- this therefore equips the students stand out as a global citizen with the knowledge of different societies and cultures, international trends and needs.

In the labour market, multiculturalism has been proven to be a good resource for gaining employment or even creating jobs aimed at efficiently solving or improving human activities. In an article written by Ideas for leaders, the benefits of multicultural experiences include increased cognitive versatility, creativity and adaptation for the global economy.

Multicultural Workplace (Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko)

You are likely going to pass through different continents and collaborative activities just on a stroll within Griffith College facility- imagine a football team that includes Nigerian goalkeeper, a chinese defender and an Irish striker ?

Beyond gaining an undergraduate degree certificate honored by the Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) body and of course, an understanding of the course of study, another important consideration should be an experience that would increase students’ capacity to acquire the best jobs and function with a global perspective is crucial in choosing a college.

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