MTV: not for the feint hearted

MTV has changed since we used to watch it back in the 90’s.  We’re not cool kids anymore and the shows that the youths of today are watching are mind numbing and would kill half of your brain cells in an instant.

Shows like Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant are brainwashing the teens of today, making the think it would be a great idea to have children at their age.  That once you have kids at 16 you can still go to college and move out into your own place, maybe that is so for the young parents on these shows but we have to remember, they are getting an income from this TV show, no every teen mother can be so lucky.

As the first season of the show Catfish has come to an end I have to question the sanity of people in the online world as well as the producers of MTV.  The show basically follows people who have had online relationships with people they have never met – for as long as 10 years!  This show brings to attention how easy it is to become someone else online – some of these ‘Catfish’ have as many as 45 profiles pretending to be different people.  The film titled the same as the spin off TV show would have been enough, but MTV decided to ruin it and show the same show over and over again, with just throwing different faces on the same storyline.

And as for shows such as The Valleys and Geordie shore, I don’t even know where to start.  They are full of disgusting orange people who don’t use proper words and wear close to nothing.  MTV really need to rethink what they are showing the young minds of today, and have to realise that they are extremely impressionable.  These shows are giving terrible role models for teens.

MTV is becoming the McDonalds of the TV world, cheap, unhealthy and highly addictive for the young and impressionable.


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