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Movies to look out for in 2021

Photo by Henry & Co. from Pexels

We all enjoy watching movies, particularly during this time of epic boredom. So, here are a few films to look forward to this year. I hope you’re as ecstatic as I am.


Being a fan of all the Marvel series I am without question excited about this movie. Black Widow’s one is well overdue: you wouldn’t have the Marvel Cinematic Universe without Scarlett Johansson’s iconic character. when the solo Black Widow film at long last shows up, possibly the pandemic doesn’t see its release date postponed again the much-merited spotlight will be on Natasha Romanoff and her obscure previous life as a professional killer.

Video Credit: Marvel Entertainment


From the post-credit scene of the primary film that saw Hardy’s Eddie Brock visit Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady in jail, Venom 2 follows with the maniacal chronic executioner promising that when he gets out there will be “carnage“. Somehow, in the continuation, Kasady comes into contact with his own outsider symbiote and ends up being the most perilous adversary of Venom yet. Michelle Williams is additionally returning as Eddie’s ex-life partner Anne Weying while Naomi Watts is joining the cast as Shriek, Kasady’s love interest.

Video Credit: Billster


If you have watched all the James bond movies as I have, then you will definitely not want to miss this one. Daniel Craig is one of my favorite James bond and these trailers to me simply look awesome. This is his final film as bond and it looks like they’re trying to do something special. I am actually expecting this movie to be great.

Video Credit: James Bond 007


Dune will presently open on October 1, 2021, just about an entire year after it was initially booked. I was looking forward to it before we had a trailer then I saw the trailer and the hype level just went through the roof. Great cast, great crew, and great tone.

Video credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

I like watching movies, as shown by the descriptions of the films listed above. The entire experience provides a different kind of happiness, particularly when a film takes us through fantasy and illusion, as well as unexpected outcomes. And that’s how you can tell if a film is actually excellent. I can’t wait to be blown away by these films.

This is definitely not all the movies we are excited about this year, but they are certainly among the top. Let me know the movies you are looking forward to this year in the comment section below.

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