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Movie Review: Freshman Year

photo from by Anchor Media Group

Freshman Year released in 2019 is a Christian religious film about an African-named CJ; Who grew up in a very stable Christian home, CJ the son of a pastor and a basketball player. Devoting his life to good moral decisions, living pure and loving God and serving Him. CJ left home for college for the first time.

CJ overwhelmed by his newly discovered freedom and independence at school. He is trying to balance his faith with the need to fit in and to fall in love. A dramatic twist happens when he decided to have a girlfriend after meeting Marcella.

photo from by Anchor Media Group

While not brought up in a Christian family, Marcella has a strict single mother upbringing where her older brother plays a protective role. Marcella a cheerleader, and the first to attend college in her family. He gets Marcella pregnant, and they start struggling to make tough decisions about life. With decisions threatens to put a stop to their dreams and betray their families.

This film shows the joy of college life, independence, and friendships. The film shows real-life problems that students encounter, and the struggles they encounter as they stand up for their faith.

Freshman year takes the opportunity to express that confidence in God is the basis for optimism in the future despite all odds, and his grace is the cornerstone in which we can rely on, regardless of our past choices.

The cast: Diallo Thompson(CJ), Natalia Dominguez(Marcella), Benjamin Onyango(CJs Dad), ED Berkeley(Marcella’s Brother), Desalene Jones(Veronica CJs Mom), Natasha Dee Davis(Anna Marcellas Mom). Produced, Directed and Written by Jude Johnson.

There fan page is and this movie can be watched on Netflix



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