Mothers, the World Best Superheroes!

Photo by Marius Tuyishime from Pexels

Though the world is on standstill through this pandemic crisis, mothers are a glowing bulb. They represent the reason behind every why, the solution to every how and the first respondent to whatever situation we find ourselves.

Photo by from Pexels

March 22nd was International Mothers day and despite the gloom of the past few weeks, people were able to spread love and show how much they cared for mothers. It is important to share gifts that show how much we care about them. Mothers are natures’ gift to man and as such should be celebrated without question. Today’s podcast is a mothers’ day edition, with a beautiful poem I thought to share. You can find more beautiful poems for mother’s day here.

Another topic on today’s podcast is understanding the literal meaning behind Yoruba names. The Yoruba tribe are one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria, with various diversities within the group. However, a unique feature of the Yoruba group is the literal meanings of names given to their children. Mostly, newborn babies are christened according to the circumstances surrounding their birth such as Yetunde, which is named after a child that was given birth to after the passing of an aged mother of the family. Another unique part of Yoruba names is the use of prefixes such as Oluwa-, Ola-, Temi-, amongst others which are commonly used.

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