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More pud for this pud please… Clonakilty black pudding is my lockdown lush!

Photo by Sebastian Stöcker on Flickr

Maybe it’s the sound of it sizzling in the pan as it cooks, transporting me back to Saturday night pre- ‘Big Big Movie’ fry-ups and nostalgically reminding me of how simple things used to be. Maybe its the way it crumbles in the heat and the butter smells as it melts. Maybe its because it comes from West Cork, the greatest place in the world. Or maybe its just that undeniably delicious bloody taste.

But a daily dose of Clonakilty black pudding is literally my lockdown medicine. It’s getting me through. My jeans might not be grateful for it, but with every bite my soul says, “Thank the Lord!”

Due in full to the absolute lack of anything else better to do, I have decided to show my gratitude to the folk at Clonakilty who have brightened up my morning for the last 7 weeks with their magnificent black pudding produce. They are like my own personal front line heroes. I am doing so in the form of Facebook Community. My group is called The “Clonakilty Black Pudding Appreciation Society“. It has a delicate ring to it doesn’t it?

This group is open to all members of the public and encourages the sharing of stories, recipes and all ideas relating to Clonakilty black pudding! Pleas join!!! I hope that it becomes alive with discussion/heated debate and is a place where members can expand their networks through their shared interest in the deliciousness of Clonakilty black pudding.

The intention of this page is to build a community that can be sustained long after lockdown is over. A community that will have a history as rich as the product itself. The Clonakilty black pudding recipe dates back to the 1880’s and has been held by Twomey family since 1976 when Edward Twomey bought the recipe that year. Since that, him and his wife Collette have grown out the business across Ireland and expanded their product range. As operations grew, they moved to a larger facility in Little Island, Co. Cork.

In 2005, Edward Twomey passed away but his wife Colette Twomey continued to expand the business into the UK, Australian and UAE markets. In October 2017, a brand new custom-built production facility was built back in the brand’s birthplace, Clonakilty. The new production facility houses administration offices, new product development facilities and distribution.

The new facility in Clonakilty also hosts new visitor centre which will open once lockdown restrictions are lifted. The vision for the centre is to immerse visitors in the history and tradition of Clonakilty black pudding, to offer them an opportunity to see how it’s made, and to highlight the company’s pride in the town it originates from. My hope is that when this lockdown ends, community members will be able to go to the visitor centre and share with each other their experiences celebrating the brand that has become my lockdown lush!



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