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More Love Less Fear: Chapel Dublin is a Church for millennials

More Love Less Fear - Chapel Dublin

Chapel Dublin is a community of faith in St. Marks Church in the heart of Dublin city where over 200 college students and young professionals gather every month to express their faith and build friendships. Every semester the group has a different theme, this year was ‘More Love Less Fear’, and The Circular went along to find out more.

Chapel Dublin is part of St. Marks Church in Dublin and is on every Wednesday evening throughout the college year. Ruth Rowntree who is part of the group told The Circular that the aim of Chapel is to create a place where everyone is welcome, people who have a faith, those who have questions about faith and those who have no faith. ”It’s a community where people can learn and share about a Christian faith in God, about who Jesus was, and do so in a relaxed and open environment,” Ruth tells us.
Chapel x Button Factory- Chapel Dublin

She explains more, ‘Sometimes the idea of going to church can conjure up negative images in people’s minds. Especially for my generation, millennial’s… church can seem boring, not relatable and out dated. At Chapel we encourage people to come and hear about a God that is very real and very relatable, a God who wants to impact your life and bring peace and meaning to everyday life.’ Each year there is a different theme with the 2019 theme being ‘More Love Less Fear’.

‘These days everyone is living with so much stress, anxiety and fear. Fear about the past, worry about today and anxiety for tomorrow,’ Ruth says. ‘The statistics about the mental health and emotional health of the younger generation in Ireland are shocking. However at Chapel we believe that there is an answer to this. We believe that we were created by God to live a life that is driven by and towards love, not fear. The Bible speaks about a God who came in love to bring meaning and peace into our life and to be an antidote to the fear that we experience and that can try to overwhelm us.’ Have you ever thought, does the Bible mention rosary? What is your view about the Rosary?

Last month Chapel hosted well known Irish mental health speaker Robert ‘Bob’ Carley at their annual event. Bob Carley’s main message was one of truth and freedom with serious humor throughout! Speaking from his own experiences of God, of grief, of loss and of love, Bob encouraged people to recognize their worth, their value and that they are ‘lovely, lovable and loved.’ Bob reminded everyone that no matter how hopeless they feel their situation is and regardless how low they feel they are, love never fails and love will not fail them. Speaking in this context Bob Carley pointed to the love of God to each person, a love that pushes out fear and brings peace in the difficult times of life.

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