Moone Boy a Big Winner at the IFTAs

Moone Boy picked up two IFTAs (Courtesy Thiago Rebouças)
Moone Boy picked up two IFTAs (Courtesy Thiago Rebouças)

There was double joy for Boyle based comedy Moone Boy at the 11th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards as they took home the awards for Best Entertainment TV programme and Best TV Director, which went to Ian Fitzgibbon.

Star and co-writer Chris O’Dowd was unable to attend the event in Dublin due to theatre commitments on Broadway in New York. However, co writer Nick Vincent Murphy and teenage stars David Rawle, Aoife Duffin and Ian O’Reilly were on hand to collect the awards.

Murphy hinted that a Moone Boy Movie may be in the offing. “We are talking about that, we feel that we want to end it in a big way, we’re not sure what form that is going to be yet, because the boys are growing up and it feels like a show that doesn’t have a long shelf life.”

He also confirmed that he and O’Dowd are in the process of writing two Moone Boy books. The first he hopes will be released in October. The novels will act as a prequel to the TV series.

Ian Fitzgibbon, who won Best TV Director was full of praise for the show. “The talent behind Moone Boy is so extraordinary and has such depth…Chris O’Dowd and Nick Vincent Murphy did an amazing job on the scripts and Chris is in it which gives us star wattage, it’s all those things that make it unique and it is uniquely Irish.”

David Rawle stars as Martin Moone in Moone Boy (Courtesy Thiago Rebouças)
David Rawle stars as Martin Moone in Moone Boy (Courtesy Thiago Rebouças)

He also singled out David Rawle (Martin Moone) and Ian O’Reilly (Pádraic O’Dwyer) for particular praise. “Those two kids are pretty incredible, they really are. They’re very talented, they have great chemistry and  they’re great friends which always helps with whats going on screen wise.

Rawle spoke highly of what the show has done for him. “Two years ago I would never have imagined that I would be here today, I just went for it and happened to be there, dreams can come true.”

There was however some disappointment for Moone Boy as Deirdre O’Kane missed out on the Best Actress award for her role as Debra Moone while O’Dowd missed out on the Best Actor gong for his performance as Seán Murphy, the imaginary friend of Martin Moone.

Season 3 of Moone Boy has already been filmed and will reach our screens this autumn. In the meantime there will be plenty of speculation as to whether we will see a fourth series but with discussions underway regarding a movie, there is undoubtedly exciting times ahead for Moone Boy.

Nick Vincent Murphy, Ian Fitzgibbon and David Rawle were talking to Peadar Breathnach.




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