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Money or Love ❤️ : what do you want in relationship?

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The dilemma of choosing between love and wealth is ancient yet no solution has been proffered yet. As the sayings go:” No romance without finance” and “True love is priceless” it becomes more difficult for folks to decide their interest in relationship. However Nude heart in their resent podcast on Spotify demystified the mystery and brought the ancient dilemma to an end.

Treasure, the host of Nude Heart hosted Vere Edih and Beatrice Ugochi on the show. 

However, the dilemma heated up as the two guests debated with different options.  Vera said she will choose wealth over love in a relationship with the point that love does not pay the bills and that she is a ‘premium girl’. She said she cares less about love as long as money is involved.  This opinion is not just Vera’s opinion but a representation of many of those who prefer money to love in relationships.

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On the contrary, Beatrice insisted that love is her interest in relationship and that she cannot be happy in any relationship void of love regardless of the amount of wealth her partner has. Also, Beatrice was not only speaking for herself but for as many who agree with her.

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The big question to you reading this is: Will you go for love or money in relationship?

However, whether your answer is love or money, you have answered correctly. There is no collective answer to this ancient question. The ultimate goal of every relationship is happiness. Go for whatever makes you happy. If money makes you happy then go for money. If love makes you happy, then go for love. The only person you must please while making your choice is yourself. So be bold to go for what pleases you. Do not go for love and be jealous of those that choose money. In the same vein, do not choose money and be jealous of those who found true love. Go for what you will be contented with. However, there are high chances of having both love and money in a relationship. If you want both love and money in a relationship, please go for it because it is largely available.

Listen to the podcast below.  

Nude Heart Podcast on Spotify on Love and Money in relationships by Treasure Moses
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