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Millions of children across the world need help to survive

Photo by Kamaji Ogino from Pexels

COVID-19 has put decades of progress for the world’s most vulnerable children at risk. Weak health systems were brought to their knees as children saw their parents or teachers get sick with the virus. Children went hungry because families were plunged into poverty as households lost their livelihoods and sources of income. 

In fragile places like conflict zones, refugee camps and overcrowded communities, where people are already struggling to survive, COVID-19 could have a devastating impact. According to the UN, more than 235 million people – roughly half of them children – will need some form of humanitarian assistance this year, up from 170 million in 2020. That’s a dramatic 40 percent increase in less than a year.

Roughly 117.7 million children who need life-saving support in 2021, more than half (60 million) live in just eight countries, with Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia accounting for more than 10 million children each.  

Produced by Sylvia Oka: Estimate from Save the Children Organization.

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