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Migrant Women United Ireland: How it all Began

In 2015, I moved to Ireland and shared an apartment with three women from three different countries: Japan, Brazil, and Trinidad and Tobago. My Trinidadian roommate,  Shivonne DuBarry, was studying for her master’s degree at UCD. She would spend hours on her computer writing into the early morning working on her thesis that, when it was finished, would take her to speak at conferences abroad.

While living in Dublin, DuBarry decided to start a meet-up group where women from different countries could come together for comradery and support. The group that DuBarry started (formerly known as the Dublin Migrant Women Support Group) has grown beyond what she first created and is an example of how one person can affect positive change when action is taken. In the video below, Shivonne talks about what led to the group’s creation.

“Woman from other places have some things in common that can bring them together, and I wanted to create a space for women to feel useful and capable and to be surrounded by other people who view them that way.”

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