Midnight Disco: The New Kid on Dublin’s Block (Party)

DJ Midnight Disco
DJ Midnight Disco
DJ Midnight Disco
DJ Midnight Disco

As Dublin’s dance scene continues to rise into the clouds, we all begin to join it. House, Techno, Disco, Funk… Dublin has it all in terms of a good night with good music. One team of Trinity college students has changed the game, however, giving us everything at once.

It’s no secret that people in Dublin like to party, and in particular, students in Dublin love a good session. It seems like every night the streets of Dublin are full, from Harcourt to Camden, of people looking for a good time. Especially looking for a bit of a boogie.

There are some venues and nights that are near-legendary when you think of Dublin’s dance scene. You’ve got the like of TOAST in Opium Rooms, 123thursdays  in Hangar, Bruce Willis in South William Street.. You’re beginning to get the picture. There’s options everywhere, but where can one go to enjoy it all, to groove to all the music Dublin has to offer? This is where Midnight Disco comes in.

The Midnight Disco crew (Tom Collins, Dave Noonan, Nevan Jio, Trisha Cusack, and Matt Dundon) themselves are students. What drives them, with all the trials and tribulations they face in normal life, to start running and promoting a massive event such as this? Well Tom Collins reckons the original motivator behind the move was was fairly simple, he just wanted something new. “we were sick of the same spot on the same day every week, we wanted something fresh”.

It doesn’t really end there either, that was only the beginning, once they began to see a “community” growing, they became hooked. It’s not just a night out for them, it’s a mixture of the student cultures of Dublin. A safe place  to enjoy yourself, not being judged by anyone, a place that “Emphasizes inclusivity”.

“At the last event in Index I can remember hearing two girls, one in dangerously high heels soaked in fake tan looking like a ‘Tuesday night on Harcourt Street’ starter pack and another who literally had feathers glued to her face and a fur coat, as hipster as possible, chatting like old mates even after just meeting in the line.”
Midnight Disco
Midnight Disco

Since their humble beginnings in Sound House  the Midnight Disco crew have moved from strength to strength, eventually landing themselves a mainstage gig at Hangar. Hangar itself a major venue in the music scene, where does one move then? Well their next move was to hop into one of Dublin’s hottest new clubs in index.

That still wasn’t enough to quench the thirst of Dublin’s newest night out, so where to now? With no place left to go, nowhere left to spread their wings, they looked onto Dublin’s biggest dance music venue. District 8.

District 8 is the bread and butter of any party-goer in Dublin, and it has housed some formidable names in the rave scene. Names such as Kerri Chandler, Ben Klock, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ejeca, and Shadow Child, to name a few, have graced the stage already. As Tom Collins describes it, it’s  an “Institution” in the Irish dance scene.

So what do these kids from Trinity have to offer to one of the biggest and most popular venues in Ireland? Well, not only are they including their resident Djs, who have already slotted alongside  the likes of DJ Deece, as well as performed at Higher Vision , they’re now bringing firepower in the form of LK.

A D8 with LK” as they’re aptly naming it, is due to take place Thursday the 30th of March, and as I’ve mentioned before it takes place in the iconic District 8.  If you’re looking to get ahead of the crowd, look no further, there are still tickets available on eventbrite, and for €5.90, it’s a steal.

So what’s next for Midnight Disco? How do you top District 8, the place which epitomizes the Irish dance scene? Well I tried to get a cheeky scoop from Tom, but he remained understandably tight-lipped. Just saying this:

“I promise you one thing, this summer is going to be one of serious scheming for next year! Alongside some big news for the summer we have big plans for the rest of 2017 and if we can pull them off together were really going to do our best to reward that terrific support everyone who’s gone to The Midnight Disco has shown. I won’t give anything away but keep an eye out on the page for some pretty brave moves soon to come! “

Well to Tom and the rest of the Midnight Disco team, I wish you all the best, and if so far is anything to go by, I know you won’t  leave us disappointed.


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