Mid 28 day fitness plan interview with a nutritionist and fitness instructor

Fitness - Photo Credit Vic
Fitness - Photo Credit Vic

Here I am, 2 weeks into a 28 day fitness plan, 2 weeks  to go. I figured now would be a good time to speak to a fitness and nutrition expert and find out how best to stay on track. I’m having a few problems with my knees (old injury showing his face again) and at this point staying on track can be a struggle. But I’m determined not to give up. So I spoke to someone who has had injuries and drawbacks but from this came opportunities and ambition in her life and career.

I spoke to nutritionist and fitness instructor Amanda McLoone who works in the gym in the Sheraton Hotel in Athlone and also does fitness classes with Na Fianna Kickboxing and Fitness Club. Amanda has a B.Sc in Human Nutrition, A.Nutr and Level 3 Certificate in Fitness Instruction and Level 4 Certificate in Personal Training. She is also one of my 28 day plan trainers so after class I sat down with her to ask her a few questions.

How did you get into fitness?

I was interested in sport as far back as I can remember. I still play a lot of Gaelic football so fitness has always been a part of my life. I decided to turn a hobby into a lifestyle after college (I had studied nutrition and was not sure what area I wanted to be in). I decided on fitness instruction because it came naturally. I’m a very motivated and enthusiastic person so I thought these attributes would work well in the industry. That was 2 years ago!

What advice would you offer someone starting out?

Small steps can make the biggest changes. If you are starting out don’t try to kill all birds with the one stone. Start with small changes like taking the stairs at work, trying a fitness class, cutting out that mid afternoon chocolate bar. From my experience those who extreme diet and exercise initially never stick with it.

How important is good diet when working towards a weight loss/fitness goal?

Diet is vital when working towards a weight loss/fitness goal. Ever heard ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’? Nutrition accounts for a vast majority of your goals. You can’t out exercise a bad diet!!! This being said I like to look past these goals and think about health. Not only will a good diet make you look good on the outside but your inside will thank you for it.

Motivation - Photo Credit jdog90
Motivation – Photo Credit jdog90

Having had a few injuries in the past, how did you stay on track and move forward during recovery?

As I stated before I am a highly motivated and competitive person. During an injury I gave myself goals, goals which I had to beat and improve on. I am lucky in that I see the positive in things, I saw my knee injury as a reason to improve my upper body strength and breaking my wrist was an opportunity to do legs 5 times a week (no wonder they are so big ) Fitness is my release. I had a very tough year last year injuries aside and the gym was my way of coping.

Top tip for staying motivated on a weight loss/fitness journey?

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! You can achieve anything you put your mind to. There are days where it’s tough, days where you feel like giving up. It takes patience, discipline and motivation but I promise you there is no better feeling than self satisfaction and confidence.

Clean and Lean Sporty Girl - Photo Credit Clean and Lean Sporty Girl
Clean and Lean Sporty Girl – Photo Credit Clean and Lean Sporty Girl

Amanda has a Facebook page where she gives healthy eating and fitness tips. Check it out here. Thanks Amanda, looking forward to our next class already 🙂

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