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Michael Hutter at the Vue Art Fair Dublin 2019

The Vue Art Fair 2019 took place in the RHA in Dublin from 7th to 10th of November 2019. Exhibiting works from many contemporary art galleries in Ireland, for example, Atelier Maser, Molesworth Gallery, Peppercanister Gallery, Gormley’s Fine Art, amongst many others.

Gallery X stand at Vue Art Fair 2019
Photo credit: Carolina Miyasaka

The Circular had the pleasure of speaking to German artist Michael Hutter, who was presenting his work with Gallery X at the fair. The gallery’s focus is on ‘ the fantastical, the erotic and the macabre; on alternative desire and tormented bodies; on the bizarrely beautiful, the unsettling and the grotesque. Art that will question and entertain’. These are all themes that translate in Hutter’s art.

Michael Hutter at Vue Art Fair 2019
Photo credit: Carolina Miyasaka

When asked which style he considers his art follows, he replied that it was most likely surrealism but hopefully none, and it’s clear to see why. His work is very unique, the worlds he creates, although based on life, the universe, stories, the Bible, films, literature, etc., are unlike anything else, it’s all from his own imagination.

Hide & Seek in the Devil’s Garden.
Oil on wood panel, 80 x 80 cm

He started painting as a child, ‘everyone paints as a child, but I just never stopped’ he told the Circular at the fair. He says that he wasn’t very influenced by his time in art school, arguing he’s learned more from going to museums.

He has a very clear idea of what he is about to paint before starting his process. He would then draw a few sketches, maybe try some watercolours before starting to use oil painting.

Top: A Doomed Voyage
Oil on wood panel, 60 x 120 cm
Bottom: Landscape with cosmic catastrophe
Oil on wood panel, 30 x 90 cm

The artist has started a new exhibition in Berlin that will run until December 2019.
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