If Michael Faraday had not lived, the world we know might not exist today

Michael Faraday
Michael Faraday-Image Credit: Misteur H(Flicker)
Michael Faraday
Michael Faraday-Image Credit: Misteur H(Flickr)

Why do we see or hear the people talking at another side of the globe instantaneously? How are we able to watch anything instantly in our TV screen as it happens?, Or How could the images taken by the space probes thousands of miles away be delivered to us in the matter of seconds.

The technology we use today through which we send messages, talk, or see things anywhere in the world is in fact the result of the wisdom of genius who lived in 19th century; Michael Faraday.

In Episode 10 of the second sequel of the documentary series “Cosmos”, astrophysicist and cosmologist Neil deGrasse Tyson with out any hesitation says, “If Michael Faraday had never lived; we might be living as our ancestor did in 17th century unaware of the armies of invisible servants awaiting our commands.”

Faraday lived in between the time of greatest geniuses Newton and Einstein solving the mystery that stumped Newton, and also laid the foundations for Einstein’s revolutionary insights, and for the way we live now.

Faraday was the first to discover the unity of electricity, magnetism, and light. According to his Magneto Optical Effect or Faraday Effect, a magnetic field influenced polarized light-meaning the plane of vibration of a beam of linearly polarized light incident piece of glass rotated when a magnetic field was applied in the direction of propagation of the beam.

He also discovered the existence of a field or lines around a magnet or anything magnetic known as magnetic field which was not only the breakthrough in understanding magnetic and electrical interactions but was also basis of further advancement in physics.

Virtual demonstration Earth's magnetic field
Virtual demonstration Earth’s magnetic field-Image Credit: Joshua Munchow (Flickr)

Earth itself is a giant magnet. And like any others magnetic its lines of force extend far out into the space surrounding it.

Since he had no formal education because of his poverty, he was unable to show this phenomenon in term of precise equation. Meanwhile the greatest physicist theorist of 19th century James Clerk Maxwell came to believe the fields discovered by Faraday, and set out to give them a precise mathematical formulation and discovered an asymmetry. And while doing so, he tweaked the equation that would change Faraday’s static field into waves that spread outward at the speed of light.

And it has not been long since scientists figured out to turn those waves into couriers for our messages.

This technology has changed us humans once communicating through the speed of pigeons, horses or ships into inter communicating organisms linking at the speed of light.


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