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Meet Model and Current Mr Universe Nigeria. Nelson Allison.

Photo Credit Nelson Allison

We had the opportunity to interview the current Mr Universe Nigeria over the week, we were able to know a little about him through the course of the interview.

Photo credit: Mr Universe Nigeria

Circular: Tell us about yourself?
Nelson: My name is Nelson Allison from Bonny, Rivers State. I studied applied arts and designs at Federal Polytecnic Nekede, Owerri. I am currently Mr.Universe Nigeria 2018/2019.

Circular: Why Mr. Universe ?
Nelson: As the question says, Mr. Universe Nigeria, universe! don’t you get it? I needed to own it to get bigger.

Circular: Why did you choose modelling as a career?
Nelson: I did not really choose to be a model, it’s something I had a passion for while I was growing up, anyways I am still growing. I did a photo shoot for a friend of mine and the friend was like, ”why don’t you try modelling or Mr. Universe Nigeria or anything”’ and I said fine, let me give it a try and boom it started from there. And now I am focusing more on it because I feel I have got the looks and height so why not?

Circular: What challenges do you have?
Nelson: Not getting enough sleep. Asides that you have to manage running morning and night shifts but I have some events that run through out the night and others in the day, so I get little or no sleep and still have to be in the gym.

Circular: What inspires you as a model and who do you look up to?
Nelson: I would say Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD). He is one of the biggest Nigerian entrepreneurs, writer, actor, director and also a model too. He has got so much charisma and his personality does more of the talking. And he has kept the fire burning from day one till date, it gives me so much inspiration to see someone so elegant, scandal free and is still doing his thing back to back.

Photo Credit: The Fotomechanic

Circular: Describe your brand ?
Nelson: Putting it in a framework, I am trying to build up a classic brand because I feel like i have what it takes and I feel developing a classic brand makes me unique from other models but I am still working and reinventing myself.

Circular: Describe the modelling industry in Nigeria?
Nelson: The modelling industry in Nigeria is fast growing and its network has gone beyond just Africa because we have agencies all over the world that come into Nigeria to pick models they can work with and cultivate. The industry looks very promising and I am really glad I am part of the persons working with them.

Circular: How have you being able to manage the fame , fans especially the female fans?
Nelson: Laughs. The fans, the female fans; its been really hard mostly from your old friends,they really do not understand because it’s a different time for you. You practically have to work 24/7 so you get little time for breaks to talk and that talk has to be really important. But for the females fans its been crazy but I allow my manager manage my social media accounts so I don’t fall off but they are nice, I mean who does not like the attention from females.

Circular: Are you in a relationship?
Nelson: Currently I am not in a relationship.

Circular: What is your advice for aspiring models
Nelson: My advice for aspiring models out there is that they do not have to wait for anyone to tap them on there shoulders or give them a lifting hand. If they really want to achieve success then they have to keep working, pushing and prepping . Also they have to look for a way to hustle their way to the top.

Circular: Its being a pleasure having you and we wish you all the best.
Nelson: Thank you, it’s being a pleasure too.

You can also follow him on instagram @allisontams.

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