Medicinal cannabis may be Ireland bound

Plant - credit: prensa 420, flickr
Plant - credit: prensa 420, flickr

Ireland may join the growing list of countries legalizing the medicinal use of Marijuana as late as Easter 2017.

Put forward by People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny, the bill seeks to legalize and regulate cannabis products, which are used for medical purposes.

The bill follows waves of new research and evidence that suggests Cannabis has healing properties which treat the symptoms of certain diseases such as cancer and epilepsy far more effectively than current pharmaceuticals.

While there was widespread agreement in the Dail that the bill should be passed, and no opposition from the government, many TD’s made clear that amendments would need to be made to the bill before it is presented to the Oireachtas in January.

Health minister Simon Harris awaits advice from the Health Products Regulatory Authority before amending the bill and is one of many Dail members in favor of amendments to the bill.

This bill is one of many during the progressive era of Ireland, with gay marriage being legalized and the repeal the 8th movement in the face of government, the legalization of medicinal Marijuana will surely be recorded as another great milestone in Ireland’s  history and will serve to ease the suffering of thousands of our citizens.

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