Media Masters programs for graduates in Ireland 2018

Hat throw at Graduation Ceremony. Photo Credit - Rob Chan
Hat throw at Graduation Ceremony. Photo Credit - Rob Chan

Coming to the end of a degree can be very daunting, especially when deciding what path to take next. For some people, continuing their studies by doing a masters and trying to perfect the area they wish to have a career in is becoming more popular as the range of master programs available grow.

The great thing about doing a masters is that you can do one in any area you wish to, as long as you have a degree. For people that come to the end of college and realise they want to do something else as a career, a postgraduate course is a perfect opportunity to make this possible in the shortest amount of time.

Hat throw at Graduation Ceremony. Photo Credit - Rob Chan (Flickr)
Hat throw at Graduation Ceremony. Photo Credit – Rob Chan (Flickr)

In Ireland, most postgrads are only one-year full-time courses with the option to do it part-time over two years. This gives people the option to also work a job as masters are usually very expensive.

For current and past media students or someone who would like to have a career in the media, the circular spoke to professors who coordinate masters programs and masters graduates on what makes their masters the right one for you.

DIT (Dublin Insitute of Technology)

Kate Shanahan the course coordinator of the MA in Journalism in DIT said, “The Masters in Journalism in DIT is hugely practical with students being encouraged to work across platforms learning to write news and features, as well as being trained in video and audio, so that they can be confident journalists, reporters, and broadcasters both online and offline.”

With subjects including the History and Theory of Journalism, Media Law and Media Environment the course offers a wide range of modules to get you confident as a journalist.

NUIG (National University of Ireland Galway)

Talking about the masters in Journalism available in NUIG the course coordinator, Dr Andrew Ó Baoill said “It’s an exciting time to work in journalism education, as we continue to respond to a changing media world. We are adding new modules in Sports and Finance for 2018, reflecting a commitment to balancing core skills and attention to specialist areas.”

In addition, our location in the School of Humanities at NUIG, and Galway’s role as a cultural hub, make us ideal for those who see journalism as an opportunity to delve into, and report on, the diversity of human life and creativity.

Recently named The Sunday Times ‘University of the Year’ it is definitely a University to think about when applying for a postgraduate course.

National University of Ireland Galway - Photo Credit Phalinn Ooi
National University of Ireland Galway – Photo Credit Phalinn Ooi (Flickr)

DCU (Dublin City University)

Paul McNamara the course coordinator for the MA in Journalism course in DCU said, “For over 35 years we have attracted the very best students, we have the most fun in the classroom and our fine graduates, of which there are hundreds, have occupied the most senior journalism positions in major news organizations in Ireland and abroad, which is a source of great pride to those journalism educators lucky enough to deliver the programme.”

Cliona Kelly a graduate from the Journalism MA in DCU explains why you should choose this course.

Griffith College Dublin

At Griffith College, they offer a range of Media postgraduate courses from TV and Radio journalism to Journalism and Public Relations and everything in between so if you would like a career in a specific role in the media, Griffith College is for you.

Masters Graduate from the Journalism and Public Relations course, Conor Sheridan said, “People should do an undergraduate course in media at Griffith College because it allows them to delve into a topic that they find interesting and learn more about it, in time forming their own educated opinion on that topic”.

Below, Griffith College Masters graduate Peadar Breathnach talks about his experience doing an MA in Journalism and Media Communications at Griffith College.

Other Options

Doing a masters might not be for you or if you are straight out of an undergraduate degree and want to take time off from studying there are other options available to help you grow in the sector you wish to work in.

Grad Ireland is designed to help students in their early stage career planning. With useful links to what graduate programs, internships and apprenticeships that are on offer in Ireland across all sectors they provide the information you need to get into an area by starting to work in it straight out of college.

They organise a career fair around the country where you can meet and interact with potential employers and learn more about what they offer to recent graduates.

For more information please visit:

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