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Maynooth Castle, what do people like about this interesting place?

photo by Shehla Bhambro

I believe that “Old places have a soul” that’s why I thought I’d show everyone Maynooth Castle, a lovely and historically significant location close to my home. This was an appealing site for me as an international student. Maynooth Castle, just 30 kilometers from Dublin, is tucked away in the heart of the town, with a very well lawn as well as plenty of nature. In the keep, there is a fascinating display of the castle and the family’s history. The castle’s location was chosen for its simplicity of fortifications because it is situated at the confluence of two rivers, adequacy of facilities, and defense straightforward. The castle complex, which used to be packed with a variety of constructions, now only has two standing parts.

Report by Shehla bhambro

History Of Maynooth Castle

Maynooth Castle was built in the thirteenth century and was the home of the Fitzgerald family (the Earls of Kildare) until 1535. The old keep, which was built around 1210, was one of Ireland’s largest. In 1426, the castle was expanded and restored by the sixth Earl of Kildare. The Fitzgeralds grew in power and wealth, becoming one of Ireland’s most powerful families. Maynooth Castle became one of Ireland’s largest and most luxurious Earl’s castles.

Fitzgerald, known as “Silken Thomas,” defied the English crown in 1535. Thomas Fitzgerald rushed to Dublin Castle and announced King Henry VIII’s adversary. In retaliation, English troops headed by William Skeffington stormed the castle with siege weapons, severely destroying it. After a ten-day siege, the castle was taken and the defenders were slain. Following that, Thomas and some of his kin were hanged in London. The Lord Deputies of Ireland used Maynooth Fortress as a residence once it became a royal castle. In 1552, it was given to the twelfth Earl of Kildare. During the 1641 Rebellion, the Confederates took control of Maynooth. The castle was demolished after the Civil War. The castle had been abandoned and was in a state of decay. The State took over Maynooth in 1991, and rehabilitation began in 2000.

Drone shots of Maynooth castle

What Do Visitors Say About Maynooth Castle?

There are numerous reasons why people adore this location. Catherine, a local student, claims that taking 2-to 3 of these Maynooth castle visits can help you form a good historical image. Another guest, Sara (who did not want to be photographed), highly recommends this free experience. Michael, a tourist from Spain, said he like the entire site since it is a spectacular ruin in the heart of Maynooth, close to the main retail area and so easily accessible.

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