Marina and the Diamonds at The Academy

Marina at the Academy
Marina at the Academy

On the 2nd and the 3rd of December 2015, Marina and the Diamond was playing at the Academy in Dublin. Here is how it went and why you should see her live too.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Marina and the Diamonds, I always found her music nice to listen to but I’ve never bought any of her album or thought about seeing her live. But when I told my girlfriend she was playing in Dublin, she convinced me to go see her! The concert was sold out but it was fairly easy to find a ticket. I just looked for one on Twitter through the hashtag #ticketfairy.

I arrived at the venue at 6:30pm, half an hour before the doors open, expecting to be one of the first in the queue. I was really naive, I had completely underestimated her fan-base. The line was stretching as far as the Food Hall at this stage. Some of the fans were rocking great outfits!

The atmosphere was very enjoyable, until the doors opened the security checked everyone’s ID. As usual, the security at The Academy was pretty strict and rightly so since the gig was 18+. However it seemed that many fans were under-age or didn’t have a proper ID and couldn’t get in.

Happily, I got in! Even without all these fans the room was fairly packed. The supporting band was Wyvern Lingo a band composed of three Irish girls with a keyboard, drums and a guitar. They played a good eclectic set. I especially loved their cover of Left-Hand Free by Alt-J and their new single Subside.

About 30 minutes later, Marina finally came to the stage. The crowd went crazy. She started by singing her song Mowgli’s Road from her first album The Family Jewels. Afterwards she explained that the show will be divided in three acts, on act for each of her album. The acts ended up to be very well executed, with a change of outfit for Marina and a great instrumental break by her supporting band.


Overall, the show was great. The crowd was especially great, everybody was singing, dancing and simply enjoying the show. Marina’s music is really well created and with the three acts of the show we can clearly see the evolution in her musical environment.

This concert was really well balanced between a real show and a intimate musical experience. On the one hand you could clearly see all the musicians giving the best of themselves in each and every songs, also Marina took the time to sing on her own with the piano on two songs. On the other hand she didn’t go easy on the spectacular side with the great outfits first of all and the with the classic confetti and balloons drop at the end of the show.


If you want to see how a Marina and the Diamonds’ concert is like I recommend you to check out this set she played in Boston.



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