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MAP: The Gilet Jaune movement growing and going global

Yellow Vest Movement in Belfort

Five days ago was marking the 3rd month since the “Gilet Jaune” movement started in France.

Mouvement des gilets jaunes, Belfort, 01 Dec 2018
Few weeks only after the beginning of the demonstration, Belgium followed the movement. (Photo: Thomas Bresson)

Since the first demonstrations in France, on the 17th of November, the Gilet Jaune movement is growing and inspiring many other countries. If some of these countries have the same revendications such as oil price or taxes, other countries are protesting for other reasons.

Heavily broadcasted and covered around the world, especially during the violent protests late November, the movement has been seen worldwide as a symbol of contestation.

In Taiwan, on the 1st January 2019, protestors wearing yellow vests organised a meeting in front of the Presidential Palace of Taïpei, to protest against a new law concerning income taxes. Taiwanese are not inspired by the Yellow Vest but are actually the precursors of the movement as they are already protesting wearing the yellow vests since 2015.

The French Yellow Vest keep influencing other demonstrators around Europe and Middle East.

The Circular created a map highlighting every countries following the Yellow Vests movement and creating their own versions.

From Brussels to Basrah

The movement has spread quickly over Belgium, where protestors started organising demonstrations early November. Netherlands, followed few weeks after, and demonstrators started protesting against the oil prices as well. This is one of the reason, on the 4th of December, a deputy from Serbia went to the Parliament wearing a yellow vest.

In Spain, the movement started in December, with a single reason: better pensions for retirement. Followed by the Portugal, struggling to launch the movement, but succeeded to organise a demonstration on the 21st of December.

Demonstration motivations are different depending on the country.

In other countries, The Yellow Vest movement is used to protest against different matters. In England, partisans of Brexit are using the Yellow Vest movement to support the Exit of United Kingdom from the European Union.

In Montenegro, for instance, it is the symbol used to protest against the pro-russian opposition inside the government currently trying to jail to of the main leaders of Montenegro’s political parties.

Netherlands protest against the new age of retirement (Photo: Guido Van Nispen)

In early December, in Poland, farmers decided to wear the yellow vest as well to block main highways leading to Varsovie. They are requesting more help to fight against a potential new Pig Pest coming up.

In Germany, in Stuttgart, demonstrators met up on the 2nd of February to protest with their yellow vest, against the usage of former gasoline cars which is why they are promoting the use of a diesel injection pump.

The Yellow Vest is taking a global level, more and more countries are using the movement to bring back in the media agenda their fears and angers concerning their government. The Yellow Vest movement is freeing voices, and make some countries able to finaly demonstrate as well.

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