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Skin Perfection - Photo Credit - photonetworkgroup
Beautiful Makeup Magic - Skin Care - Photo Credit - Tor Kristensen
Beautiful Makeup Magic – Skin Care – Photo Credit – Tor Kristensen

I think I’ve tried every brand that was glamorised on TV or advertised by celebs until I got some sense!

Do you ever have a day where your makeup just doesn’t look, go on or sit right on your face? I’ve had so many I’ve lost count. I have wasted so much product by taking it off and trying to redo it.. NIGHTMARE!

So after failing to achieve any celeb results, I had to look else where and do a bit of research to fix this major problem that has gone on too long, and I also couldn’t face going back to my teenage skin.

I shocked myself of how wrong I have been doing it, I always thought expensive brands were the key in looking flawless but in actual fact it’s not! Where it starts is in your preparation before applying any makeup, so simple yes but it is so true.

 Skin Perfection - Photo Credit - photonetworkgroup
Skin Perfection – Photo Credit – photonetworkgroup (flickr)

Six Tips to better looking skin:

Water: We all know drinking water does wonders for the skin. If you weigh 150 pounds, divide that by 2, which gives you 75 oz. With 8 ounces in a cup, that’s about 9 cups of water per day. The bigger you are the more you must intake, the smaller you are the less you intake. With all that being said I still have yet to research my target intake, but I drink more than I used to which has defiantly helped.. baby steps 🙂

Cleansing: The skin is essential to a flawless makeup application. Use either a gentle foaming cleanser or a micellar water. I use Garnier and it really lasts a long time. Dab a bit on a cotton pad and smooth over the skin

Exfoliate: Gentle exfoliation is an amazing way to remove dead skin and stimulate circulation so the new skin below. Dead skin cells can give the skin a dull appearance. However you should only exfoliate twice a week max. It is also vital you don’t press too hard into the skin hence the word ‘gentle’ as it can be sore and unnecessary. I use the No7 brand and I would never change it’s incredible, again it lasts months as you only use the tiniest bit once maybe twice a week

Toning: It brings the skin back to a pH level where bacteria won’t grow and prepares the skin for moisturiser. This was one step I never followed but now I have to say it’s a major part of my skin routine. Dab onto a cotton pad, wipe the face, dry’s almost immediately! I was using the L’Oréal Paris brand which I’m not mad on, so I’m still searching.. suggestions welcome 🙂

Moisturise: A gentle moisturiser is what most would consider the most important step before makeup application. Every person’s skin is different therefore you must choose one right for YOUR skin. So this is where I’ve got lucky and found my the perfect moisturiser. I use No7 Early Defence, got a bit of a shock that I had to start using ‘anti-ageing’ creams, but they say to start using them in your early 20’s, the one I use is for 20-35 year olds. Make sure if you are around that age that you don’t go for any moisturiser that have the word ‘intense’ on the label, as that is for more mature skin

Beauty Oils and Serums: These products tend to have a lot of active ingredients and are highly effective at brightening the skin. I haven’t quite incorporated this into my daily routine, it’s really whenever I think of it. I don’t like my skin to look overly shinny which I find this can do, but that doesn’t mean it’s not right for your skin type. I use Kinvara Serum which I love (when I remember to use it)

All of the brands I have listed above are available in all boots stores in shop and online, and most chemists around the UK and Ireland.

If you want to know the best beauty products and how to apply them check out my article here



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