Who makes us laugh – Conor Flanagan & The Circle Sessions

I interviewed the Irish actor Conor Flanagan last year about his career as a comedian. On the last Monday I went to one of his shows, The Circle Sessions, to take some pictures for the article.

Conor Flanagan received The Circular in the basement of The International Bar, a surprising simple, cozy, low-light place, with couches and seats properly full of spectators and/or performers. There was being held another night of The Circle Sessions, an improv night dedicated to comedy, music and poetry, for beginners and professionals.

The show was completely different of my expectations, but in a good way.  First I saw people from all ages and gender sharing their own music, poetry jokes, performing completely different things on a stage and mostly for the first time in their lives. And after the performances, what I saw was all the public and the show’s organizers being supportive and applauding every person who had the courage to step on that stage, even if it was, well, a not-that-good performance.

And then I realized everything Conor said was true.

You are welcome to go or perform at  The Circle Session  every Monday at 8pm at The International Bar.

Photo credit/Slideshow: Vithoria Escobar and The Circle Sessions.

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