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Make your quarantine more fun : be a memeis !

Photo by Amir Ghoorchiani from Pexels

People are getting bored staying at home and they are finding new ways to pass their time until this craziness is over. Netflix and chill are getting too much mainstream, how about watching MEME?  Yes, MEME, it is the visual, funny jokes you can find from the internet where you add text on a picture to make a humorous. It is found in every social media. MEME is the essence of life that deals with the hiccups of life, awkwardness with your friends and families. They are the life of virtual jokes on the internet.

Technically speaking, Meme is made out of the community and societal value and action where we live in and that’s how it is made and survive to make us laugh. You yourself can create Memes that can be retable according to the situation. There is a community for the meme that really exists which called ‘Memesis’.

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How can you be one you say? You don’t need to be a member of a group like  4chan or Reddit to be memesis when it is available on all the social media platforms. Audio, video, message apps, and social media are used in promoting memes to interact, attract, and engage the community. So don’t be centralized in one community, use many platforms to spread your creative meme. Second, a meme can die out quickly as the situation or the trend me happening on social media and around but that doesn’t mean you give up. Keep on trying, follow what’s happening on social media, and plant your seed into creating a new one. Lastly, download the app that will help you to create your own meme. It is a good time to invest in a meme and make your quarantine positive and free from anxiety. Plus, I will guarantee you will have fun at the end of this.

But, now you have a question in your mind where should I became from?  If you want to be a memesis, why not join me as I have created my Facebook community, ‘ Meme 2020’  so that you will not miss a laugh in a day. In this community, you can create, share, and make fun of memes. This community is perfect for meme lovers. So come and join us.

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