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Make-up – A Confidence Booster or not?

One of the reasons why women are so used to concealing their bare face is as there are many standards a woman is supposed to adhere to.

One of the examples would be the use of social media and the creation of a meme as mentioned earlier for this user. There are many women who feel comfortable as they believe wearing makeup makes them feel more desirable and to feel more confident.

I conducted polls on my Instagram and Facebook, in which 60% and 63% respectively voted that wearing makeup made women feel more confident.

I even used the account as a travel blogger to create this poll in which the results were contrasting with 34% for Yes and 66% voted for No.

One of the reasons why I was so curious to conduct this poll was due to the reason of beauty standards a woman has to adhere to. The beauty industry has seen changing trends over the years with social media coming to rise.

Just like every other thing, there’s a silver lining to being a makeup lover in the era of social media and the beauty industry-transforming dramatically.  Fret not, you can even turn the love for make-up into a career and become an influencer.

Beauty bloggers have a huge impact on the target audience that makes women consuming media in any form become more conscious regarding their appearance. One of the surveys from Skinstore found out how women are impacted daily and only a shocking 2% believed they were gorgeous without make-up.

Women have to learn to believe that they are beautiful naturally and not fret about the perfect selfie for IG or a full face of make-up. Remember you’re gorgeous with or without lipstick, mascara or foundation. Embrace it. You Go Girl!

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