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Maintaining Positivity during the Pandemic

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With the recent drastic turnaround of events, we all are getting more familiar with the various rooms in our homes and this has, in fact, began to drive most people crazy especially the extroverts, it is also difficult for even the most optimistic amongst us to remain positive in such trying times.

There is indeed no doubt that we have to be up to date and pay attention to this infection due to the fact that it could easily wipe out a large number of people in our society, the government could give new information regarding the virus to help protect the citizens (and we surely do not want into trouble with the law) and extreme long changes to how we live and work on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, the best way to survive this mandatory lockdown period is to maintain a positive mindset, with more exercise and eating healthy rather than sulk at home about the whole situation, it is also advisable to limit your intake of information regarding the virus as this would help you keep a more positive outlook to life and have hope for the future.

Why not make use of this time to learn a new skill? That book you always wanted to write this could be a good time to start, that new recipe you always wanted to practice this could be a good time to cook and have your quarantine buddy have a taste, That online course you always wanted to take this could really be the best time to sign up for it and who knows this period can also be a time to go on a “journey of self-discovery”, one could also get familiar with some social media platforms that help with promoting positivity such as; @thedogist, @little_penny_thoughts, @loveofhuns,@caramel.crackhead, @taaooma, @sydneytalker, @mrmacaronicomedy.


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