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Lumen Crat (Photo Credits: Ana Mook)
Lumen Crat (Photo Credits: Ana Mook)

It is a mistake to assume that Brazilian music only resumes to Bossa Nova, MPB or Samba. The musical scene in Brazil is always growing and bringing new good artists for everyone enjoy. A promising new trio are Lumen Craft from Sao Paulo. They are a necessary listen to the electronic music lovers, with new tones and a unique identity.

Together since 2014, the trio project mixes electronic forms and timbres with performance elements of a band. According to them “we started to freak out in the handcraft concept and, somehow, it influenced the way we approached our compositions which ended up with a more “rustic” footprint, with arrangements that are more minimalistic and intuitive”.

Lumen Crat (Photo Credits: Ana Mook)
Lumen Craft (Photo Credits: Ana Mook)

Lumen Craft a.k.a. John Evans, Noah Guper and Ceah Pagotto have already three notorious launches and more than 30 thousand monthly players on Spotify. These are the first E.P, Lumen Field, and two singles, Rising Prize and Low Flight. The trio have also played in one of the biggest festivals in Brazil, the MECA SP, and said “Meca was a turning point for us. We did our best concert so far and for the first time had a super nice infrastructure so that we could give our best, it was beautiful”.

Check out the interview with Lumen Craft for The Circular!

The Circular: How did you create the project for Lumen Craft?

Lumen Craft: The three of us joined forces for the first time in London in 2007. Together we began to experiment with musical productions that nearly a decade later led to the Lumen Craft audiovisual project which was first created by Ceah Pagotto and John Evans.

TC: How do you define the Lumen Craft musical creations?

LC: We wanted to create a project mixing electronic forms and timbres with performance elements of a band. We started to freak out in the handcraft concept and somehow, it influenced the way we approached our compositions, which ended up with a more “rustic” footprint, with arrangements that are more minimalistic and intuitive. In 2014, Noah joined Lumen Craft. That helped us a lot in terms of building a stronger identity and becoming even more perfomative and solid, but still within the initial identity. Our sound evolves every day; we strive all the time to make it happen.

TC: Have you received any proposals for a collaboration? Is there some international ones?

LC: We’ve been talking a lot with another Brazilian band called Inky, the guys have been awesome to us! They’ve shared a lot of tips and helped us foresee things that can only be experienced on the road. We’ve invited them to create a song together for our first album. Regarding international proposals, we haven’t received any so far, but we would definitely love it to do that.

TC: Are Lumen Craft playing at and international events this year?

LC: Lumen Craft has been on the road for a very short time. Our tenth gig will happen later this month. Things have happened very quickly since we started with the concerts, that’s kind of surreal to us. We didn’t play outside of Brazil yet, it is a dream and we know that it will happen. It is only a matter of time, dedication and love for what we do.

TC: For you, which are the biggest difficulties to produce electronic music in Brazil? Do you believe it is a trend in other places around the world?

LC: We see two main difficulties in producing electronic music in Brazil. Good quality audio equipment and musical instruments are very expensive, and consequently relatively scarce. This makes it difficult to explore and play around with different textures, synthesizers, drum machines. The second difficulty is infrastructure, and again it’s a quality issue. Many venues or nightclubs do not have the adequate equipment and acoustic conditions for the gig. Sao Paulo is a bit better in that sense compared to the rest of the country. It’s a huge city with a very hot cultural and night scene.

The Lumen Craft live (Photo Credits: Lumen Craft)
The Lumen Craft live (Photo Credits: Lumen Craft)

TC: How do you see the interaction with the public in general?

LC: The mixture we have between electronic music, guitar and vocals really broadens the audience we can play to, and the kind of venue we can play at, from a band festival to an electronic music night club. This has been really fun for the band, it has showed us there is a lot of space for this kind of music here.

TC: Is there any plans to play abroad this year?

LC: Certainly. Our dream is to play in the festivals. From the smaller and more alternative, like SXSW and many amazing others all over the world, to the giants like Coachella and Glastonbury. But as we said, we know that this is a matter of time and dedication. We try our best, always, recognition is the greatest consequence.

TC: Can the public wait for more launches in 2016?

LC: We have several launches planned for 2016. First we will launch the songs we play at our concerts in a series of singles and E.P’s. We are now starting to work on our first album, that we see as Lumen Craft V2.0. We are changing the way we produce. This time tracks will be produced only with machines like drum machines, synthesizers, sequencers, samplers, loopers and instruments. We are leaving the computer behind as a production tool, the idea is to understand it only as a way of recording the music. We should launch it by the end of 2016!

You can find all about Lumen Craft on Spotify, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Follow them and enjoy this awesome project made in Brazil.

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