Loving Vincent: Irish Painter Guests Irish Film Institute

Wheat Field with Crows
Wheat Field with Crows

Loving Vincent is the first fully painted animated feature film. Irish painter Sandra
Hickey has been working on this movie and she will be at the Irish Film Institute in
Temple Bar to introduce a screening of the film on Tuesday October 24th at 18:40.

Special guest Sandra Hickey was a part of the seven-year process involved in getting the film made, as one of the more than 100 artists who painstakingly created the 65.000 oil-painted
frames on canvas to bring Vincent van Gogh’s world to life. They used the same technique as him.

The process
The painting animators task was to transform a specific material into Vincent van Gogh’s paint-
ing style, and then to re-create the movement of the shot through animating each brushstroke.

“Film fans will get a first hand account of what it was like to be a part of this totally unique process, and of course then they’ll get to see the fruit of those years of labour in the fascinating ode to
Vincent van Gogh, with a slide helping of detective story and truly entrancing visuals,”
Irish Film Institute writes on their website.

A tragic death
The biographical animated drama film describes the final mysterious days in the life of painter
Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) His life ended from apparent suicide at the age of thirty-seven at
Auvers-sur-Oise in France. The plot is set a year after his death, with family friend Armand Roulin, who has been sent by his father to deliver a letter to Vincent’s brother Theo, trying to puzzle out
the artist’s state of mind when he died. Addressed is the theory that van Gogh may not have taken his own life, but been shot by a disturbed teenage boy. The directors are British animator Hugh
Welchman and his polish wife Dorota Kobiela.

Wheat Field with CrowsWheat Field with Crows (Vincent Van Gogh’s last painting in 1890)                                       Photo Credit: Van Gogh Gallery

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