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Love Irish music? We’ve got just the group for you!

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When you think of “Irish music” what do you think of? Diddly-idle-day tunes played on a fiddle and a bodhran? The typical Irish jig blared from the back of a pub? What about rock music? Soul music? Or jazz? I bet you would be surprised to hear there’s a huge American country scene in Donegal, to learn more about music and artist you may not know, visit Runthemusic. There’s also a tidal wave of drill rap music crashing through Drogheda and a RnB tsunami landing on Dublin shores. Irish music no longer stands for one thing, it isn’t it’s own genre.

This year I joined the wonderful team at Quarantine FM. Along with some other fantastic presenters, I helped set up Garden Gigs, a 2 hour all Irish music show. We interviewed artists and played their excellent music. I discovered so many incredible Irish musicians I never know about, and let me tell you, there is a immense amount of talent on our tiny island. Every genre you can imagine, we have it and we do it well. It became our mission at QFM to promote this amazing music! You can check out all our past interviews here.

I was lucky to be apart of the scene already when I began looking for Irish music. I sing myself and I know a lot of the bands in Dublin so I had a place to start. However, I was surprised with the amount of musicians and bands I didn’t know! It got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have one place where Irish musicians could go and share their music and music lovers could discover it? And now there is.

Welcome one and all to “QFM’s Artists and Friends“!

Welcome to the one stop shop for Irish music. If you are an artist yourself, please share your tunes! Not only is this a great group for finding new fans but also myself and the other presenters at QFM have a bunch of new projects coming up that we need fresh talent for! If you are a lover of the groove, join up and check out all the awesome music we have here in Ireland. All you need is right here!

Let me know who your favourite Irish artists are in the comments below!

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