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“LOVE IN HIM”- A christian lights out listening experience, Audio

This week, the Circular will be telling a story through sound. Just sit back and relax.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the shoes of these individuals. This fifteen-minute documentary, entitled ‘Love in Him’ will tell the story of what it means to be a young Christian… The excitement? The fear? The shame? and follow these characters as they share their life story with you. Listen to them say “I have found Love in the right place”

Ecclesiastes 12:1 says, “Keep your Creator in mind while you are young! In years to come, you will be burdened down with troubles and say, “I don’t enjoy life anymore.” Contemporary English Version.  

In this realm of story-telling, we will hear various testimonies about various youngsters from parts of the world, as they recollect on the trials, tribulations experienced on their journey through Christianity.  What does it mean to have a life before, how have you found it to be after you have found God?

Documentary by Author: Fatimah Saheed.
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