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Love Beautiful works of nature? You need to see this

Photo Credit: Olalekan Ayeni

Just at end of Ellenborough Downs and Ellenborough Grange in Kiltiper road, lies a beautiful green hill which will attract anyone that sees it from a long distance. The hill has moderate height of 400.8 m (1315 ft) and walkways in which tourists can walk through to see astonishing works of nature.

Picture taken at Ellenborough Grange by Olalekan Ayeni

The hill is said to be very large, that it connects County Dublin with County Wicklow and County Kildare just at different sides of it. There are lots to behold here like River Dodder that flows through it, Brittas river, scanty beautiful farm houses, Ballinascorney Golf club, Footee Foofgolf; villages such as Knockannavea and Mount Seskin are all situated on this hill.

Photo Credit: Olalekan Ayeni

This hill can be clearly seen from most part of Tallaght, Rathcoole and so many other places as it spreads and cover a very wide range of space not only in Dublin, also in some other counties of Ireland.

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