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Love and trust turned me a street-beggar and homeless.

Homeless woman sleeping in an open place. Photo credit: Daniel Cascaddan.

Jessa left Philippine for Dublin in December 2018 to spend time with her online lover at the expense of her savings, she expressed her disappointment as her online-lover turned down her calls and she ended-up in the street as a result of her inability to afford a ticket back to her country without assistance.

During an interview with Jessa, she said she has been in love with 27-year-old boy she simply called Jake for a very long time. She revealed that, she believed they have gone beyond the point of having issues with trust before she could embark on a journey from Philippine.

After she landed at the Dublin airport, she claimed to have called Jake several times without any response from him before she finally made her way to the city centre with a taxi without any direction.

Jessa said her ordeal continued as she could not afford an hotel and was left with no choice than to sleep in the street. Later that same night, the story got worse as some number of teenagers robbed her of her phone. and that incident dashed all her hopes of ever contacting Jake.  

According to her, “Jake promised to take care of me when I get to Dublin, he said he will pay for my flight back when the time comes to go back to Philippine, I believed him and came, but it is so unfortunate that Jake did this to me.” 

Jessa (28) claimed that she called Jake several and different times after her arrival, “I almost lost her senses as I could not get any response from him. Maybe Jake would have answered my call the following day, some teenagers robbed my phone at night that night.” She said.

When asked if she is hopeful of making it back to her country soon. Jessa replied, she barely gets enough for her daily meal from begging, it will take her ages to save for her flight back home except she is assisted financially.

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