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Lose your breath in Geiranger

Geiranger. Image credit: Stine Ødegård

Even though Christmas is just around the corner and winter is coming, we can reminisce the fall and maybe discover a new place to visit for the next fall.

A Nordic pearl

Approximately nine hours by car from the capital Oslo in Norway, you reach Geiranger. A small town placed amongst spectacular mountains, as well as deep, magnificent fjords. Geiranger is a part of the municipality Stranda, which has in total approximately 4500 citizens, distributed in four small towns. One of them being Geiranger.

If nine hour by car sounds a bit too much, you can fly to Hovden Airport. From here there is only a two-three hour drive. The trip from the airport is exceptional. A nice place to pitstop is in Stryn. The rivers here are coral blue, and a treat for the eye as you drive past them headed for the mountains.

From the road to Geiranger, Strynsvatnet. Image credit: Stine Ødegård
From the road to Geiranger, Strynsvatnet. Image credit: Stine Ødegård

Geiranger is a huge tourist attraction for Norwegians, as well as tourists. Last year almost 200 cruise ships visited Geiranger, with a total of nearly 400.000 tourists.

Several stops for a magic view

When visiting Geiranger a tip is to avoid the summer months late May, June, July, and August. One should choose to travel here either during the spring or the fall if you want some space, and not a big crowd wherever you go.

There are several places which give a breathtaking view. Here are some of them.

In 2005 the fjord area of Geiranger became registered as a West-Norwegian landscape on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites.

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