Looking into Saint Patrick’s Day

"One of us needs to change" Photo Credit: giuseppemilo (Flickr)
"One of us needs to change" Photo Credit: giuseppemilo (Flickr)

It’s coming close to that time again. That day where everyone is supposedly Irish and the city centre becomes a uninhabitable mess. It’s really that time you dig your only green t-shirt from the laundry basket so you don’t stand out as much.

"I've been in here for years" Photo Credit: Stephen Allen
“I’ve been in here for years” Photo Credit: Stephen Allen

We all know what this day is about: snakes, shamrocks and Christianity. Giving a simple history lesson about St. Patrick’s Day would be way too simple. Instead, there is a lot about this day that you mightn’t know.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all around the world, that’s not really surprising. The one surprise is probably the Caribbean island of Monteserrat. They apparently celebrate both the day and commemorate a failed uprising in 1768, which is probably about as Irish as you can get.

There are various different traditions to this day. These traditions range from throwing green on iconic buildings to the bizarre increase in searches for leprechaun porn. Yeah, apparently that is actually a fetish.

Now try not shuddering when looking at this. Photo Credit: Gotovan (Flickr)
Now try not shuddering when looking at this. Photo Credit: Gotovan (Flickr)

In a quick attempt to change the subject: did you know that the first parade was actually in New York? Of course, this was back in 1766, when the city was probably a pond and a couple of sticks masquerading as houses.

The day is both a fiscal and cultural success. Last year, businesses expect a large increase in sales, especially clothing stores, each year on St Patrick’s Day. So, don’t be shocked when you see someone wearing the same thing you are, chances are there are eighty others.

"One of us needs to change" Photo Credit: giuseppemilo (Flickr)
“One of us needs to change” Photo Credit: giuseppemilo (Flickr)

The St. Patrick’s Day Festival committee stated that it takes “18 months to plan for Ireland’s biggest annual celebration”. It’s such a complicated undertaking, even those lovable folks at BHP insurance threw out their advice which definitely needed to exist.

However, there are a few small changes to this years festival which you need to know about. In order to avoid the horrendous miasma of people that was Temple Bar last year, the local councils are hiring security at every entrance to the bafflingly popular square.

Pictured: My Hell. Photo Credit: Lendog64 (Flickr)
Pictured: My Hell. Photo Credit: Lendog64 (Flickr)

This may rub people the wrong way, considering that the Gardai have already warned people that they will be ensuring that there’s no drinking in public.   This might put a stop to a lot of folks plans for this day about apparently thieves.

In all seriousness, there is still plenty of events you can still enjoy on Thursday which, oddly enough, don’t involve a lot of alcohol. It’s not like that was what it was like a few decades ago.

So wear that stained green t-shirt with pride and try to remember the true meaning of this day. It’s obviously that failed Monteserrat uprising, you jerks.

"Whoo, Monteserrat!" Photo Credit: giuseppemilo
“Whoo, Monteserrat!” Photo Credit: giuseppemilo



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