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Lockdown’s Best Kept Hair Secrets

Photo credit - George/Katyandgeorge, Pixabay

Dry, split ends. Lifeless, damaged hair. Sound familiar? With April just around the corner and Ireland about to enter it’s 4th month of level 5 lockdown, if this doesn’t sound familiar, you’re either living with a hairdresser or possess some sort of secret magic potion or of course are one of those one in a million people who were born with goddess, in-destructible hair. For most of us, our hairs health is on the decline and could do with a desperate trim. With that not being an option at the moment, we’re here to tell you that all is not lost and there are some ways that you can salvage your hairs health. Here’s our 3 top tips.

Protective Styles:

This is for those of you with long hair, it sounds so simple but a simple French plait can protect your hair from a lot of wear and tear. If you don’t know how to do one, check out the tutorial below. We promise it’s super simple 😉

How to do a French Plait – credit to Luxy Hair, YouTube

Food Glorious Food:

Considering your diet is often over looked when changing up our hair care routine, but shouldn’t be because it is such a simple yet effective thing. We are so quick to reach for expensive products and supplements without ever taking a look at our diet. Think about it, if diet has such an impact on the majority of peoples skin, then it’s inevitably going to affect your hair. Healthline have calculated the 14 best foods for hair growth and seeds, nuts and berries are among this list and are our top pics. They can be bought almost anywhere, are not that expensive and can easily be eaten as a delicious snack with little prep time. For the full list, head over to healthline.

Photo credit – IlonaF, also known as Couleur – Pixabay.

Go Easy on Your Hair:

Over brushing and brushing incorrectly are too huge mistakes a lot of people make. In conjunction with this, being too rough while shampooing and towel drying. When brushing, ensure to start from the ends up. Use your finger tips to shampoo your hair. After you apply conditioner, run a brush through it in the shower to remove any knots. When towel drying, use a cotton towel and just dab it over your hair and never, under any circumstance, use the towel to twist your hair into a turban. Rumour has it, that this method was started by an evil witch who hated healthy hair!! Hair is more likely to snap when it’s wet, so just allow it to dry naturally for at least 15 minutes after getting out of the shower. Check out Byrdie for advice on the best brushes. Afterall, a builder is only as good as their tools and it’s time to build your hair back up.

Photo creditRyan McGuire, also known as RyanMcGuire, Pixabay.

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