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Lockdown Reads: A new Facebook group announcement

Photo by Sofia Alejandra from Pexels

This post is to signal the launch of a new Facebook group – Lockdown Reads.

The purpose of the group is to facilitate the sharing of books people have read during the course of the past year, as well as to help people find new books to read based off of what others have written about them in the group.

I think this could be especially useful considering what a tough time it has been recently. The books people have read during lockdown (I hope) have probably helped emotionally and psychologically. Whether they functioned as an escape, a way to calm yourself, a new hobby to fill up extra time; books have probably meant more to people all over the world during this pandemic than they have done in a long time.

It would be particularly interesting to see what types of books people turned to or found most meaningful. Some might have sought parallels to the new world of the pandemic in the books they read: books about isolation or crisis, for example. Some may have sought out or found best those books which were as foreign as possible from the current situation and found solace in fantasy fiction.

The virus has changed how so many consume media, and what so many people value.

And so this group just aims to try to draw out some of these interesting insights into how different people related to books during the pandemic, as well as to simply give people an outlet to share the books that have helped them for whatever reason during the pandemic, with others.

A link to the Facebook group:

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