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How people really feel about the reopening of society and other Covid issues

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As retail starts to open and restaurants prepare for outdoor dining among other businesses getting ready for a staggered re-opening. However, with society reopening and the potential issues that raises, one thing is for sure, everybody has an opinion on it. This is only right considering the past year has been full of ups and downs for most. Banana bread, Zoom, Tik Tok, Tiger King, and home workouts becoming the norm I surveyed 100 people from various backgrounds this week regarding the easing of restrictions, vaccinations, and other Covid 19 related issues. The results were clear-cut in some instances but for others, the divide is still split. When surveyed about what people looked forward to the most on the easing of restrictions nearly half chose that seeing their loved ones was most important, events and the gym also a priority. Some other suggestions were the pub, travel and playing sport. Although they were looking forward to the lifting of restrictions 28% still feel unsafe in the community while 60% feared that we will head back into another lockdown after restrictions are eased.

A majority vote of 89% claimed that the lockdown rules were necessary, 45% believed the government did not do a good job.

“Closing hair and beauty salons when they were controlled environments was a ridiculous move as people were free to go to houses to get their hair and nails done and then spread the virus more”

100 people were surveyed about their feelings on Covid issues

They believed that closing certain industries were pointless. A few participants were also frustrated at their refusal to close airports. One participant claimed, “They ignored NEPHET‘s advice at the start of the virus and reacted too late, we were not tough enough, look at New Zealand they are back to normal life now”. Mental Health was a major concern along with a significant 890% of respondents saying that lockdown had an effect on their mental health. 60% of those that answered the survey claimed they stuck to regulations however some commented after the first lockdown they began to find themselves less compliant and were less rigid with their movement and practices.

“I feel that it is too rushed and not enough research. It is still on trial until 2023. I will take my chances and not get it until I know it is safe”

Only 32% had received their vaccine with 20% stating they will not take the vaccine as it was still too risky and not enough research has been done. I respondent claimed that there was not enough research on women of child baring age or the pregnant. One respondents stated that they would get the vaccine but not out of choice, they don’t want it but travel could be a problem if they not get it.

Whatever your opinion is on the latest Covid news one thing is for sure we are all hoping this is the last lockdown we will need to ease out of.

Do you agree with some of the results and the respondents? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. I think this covid is new to all sides but I reckon that people in general should take responsibility themselves to obey the guidelines given by Health and Government and not be so fast to lay blame

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