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Local Delicacies In Nigeria

photo by Mega Seven

What is there not to love about Nigerian food; its spicy and it is tasty. Each food is rich and has an element of African culture from the method of preparation, and its plating. Nigeria has its own locally made liquor called “Palm Wine”. Each region has its own favourite, for example the Yoruba people of the southwest region like to eat Eforiro and pounded yam,  the Igbo people from the Eastern region like to eat Fufu and Egusi soup, Hausa people from the northern region like to eat Suya/kebab, Delta from the Niger Delta region is known for Banga Soup and Starch, the list goes on most of these ingredients used for making this soup is available in Supermarkets here in Ireland also. 

Here are some recipes;

Egusi Soup;


Egusi/melon 2cups(250)

Red oil 3cooking spoon

Beef or chicken


Vegetable: Spinach 

Pepper; Hot Chilli

Stock cubes 2



Method of cooking

1.    Wash the chicken or beef and put inside a pot; add 2 stock cube, salt, onion

2.    Cook the chicken for 10minutes

3.    Pour the oil into a dry pot and set the gas on low heat and allow to melt

4.    Add the Melon to the hot oil and mix very well, stir for 2minutes

5.    Add the chicken or beef and also the stock (water from the cooked chicken or beef)

6.    Add the fish(optional)

7.    Add your crayfish and pepper/Hot chilli

8.    Cover and allow to boil for 15minutes

9.    Add the vegetable: Spinach

10.    Add 1cup of water and stir

11.    Taste for salt

12.    Allow to cook for 5minutes: the soup is ready once you notice the oil has separated from the mix

13.    Cover and allow to simmer whenever you visit Nigeria I would recommend you try at least 3 different delicacies.

Photo Credit: Gwin Onoja/

Oha Soup



Stock fish

Dry fish

Oha leaves

Sliced uziza leaves

Meat stock

Grounded crayfish

Cameroon pepper/Hot chilli

Ogiri igbo

Ground ofo

Palm oil


Stock cubes

How to Prepare

  1. Precook the meat; to precook; wash the meat and put in the pot, add salt and stock cubes
  2. Add the pepper/chilli and the grounded crayfish on medium heat on the gas
  3. Add the palm oil and stir
  4. Mix the ogiri with little water
  5. Serve 1 cooking spoon from the pot and mix the ground ofo 
  6. Pour the mixture back into the soup
  7. Add salt and taste 
  8. Allow to cook for 10mins
  9. Add the oha and uziza leaves
  10. Stir and allow to simmer
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