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Living in a Dream: Become a Video Game Tester

In recent years, video game tester becomes the one of a dream job. Muge Budak is a Turkish part-time game tester in Dublin. Her bachelor is in computer engineering, now she is in a business master programme. She came to Dublin a year ago and found this job by LinkedIn.

“It has been 10 months in the video game industry. I was looking for a job that I can use my mother language. My hobby is playing video games so when I saw the advert, applied it. They replied me three months later. My job is finding the language or functional mistakes/bugs in a game. It is a good opportunity for me because of my English wasn’t that good at that time. The company’s atmosphere is friendly, multicultural, everyone around me has a passion for games. It is like heaven for the video game lovers. ”

She works on project basis, so she doesn’t have to work every day. There are gaps between the projects, and it is another advantage of the work for her as a student.

In her opinion, a video game tester’s reflexes and hand-eye coordination are important also the ability to quick respond while playing a game, like W88, is another key element. The ability to perceive project management tools and adaptation are vital in that job.

She dreads testing general knowledge games, quizzes and puzzles. However, she thinks that she is not good at sports games as much as men game testers. She feels nervous when she has a project on games like those found at

“The best part of the job, I have time to study on my college projects but sometimes I am waiting a month for a new project to work. The worst part, I don’t have a regular income. I am aware of the fact that I am lucky to have a job in a foreign country, especially a part-time job, which I enjoy.”

She mentions that she doesn’t want to make a career as a video game tester. It is a temporary part-time job for her. ” It is a dream job for the young generation, but I will keep it as a hobby in my future.”

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