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Thin Shamming is just as bad as Fat-Shamming; is there a recipe for a perfect body?


Brittany Gibbon E  wrote “I see this entire issue as a women’s movement and not just a plus-size women’s movement,” she said. “It astonished to me how much revulsion and shame women of all sizes can feel towards their bodies.”

Many people male and female have been a victim of ridicule and disadvantage because of stranger opinion about their body.  Some struggle to maintain a healthy Body mass index naturally while others find it difficult to strike a balance in their weight gain.

Body shamming is more dangerous than you think, Jessicaha Valentina wrote on THE JAKARTA POST .   Body shaming happens to both men and women, but women are more vulnerable.

We are all aware of the social stigma around weight gain and weight loss the effects it has on the individuals struggling with their weight.  As well as the any form of shamming.

Many people around the world have some kind of insecurities about themselves, body, skin, mark, hair. This group is created to bring people around the world to accept their differences, body through self-love and healthy living.

Body shaming appears to be at an all-time peak, what with the rise of social media and the opportunity to exchange opinions about people you know barely.

Hopefully this community helps shatter the myth that we all have a small image of beauty to try to blend in, helping people see their bodies from a caring, supportive position.




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