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Listen To How It Really Feels Like To Have 7 Daughters

phpto by Dr. Maryann Okoli

There’s a popular saying “ Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3″ and its commonly used by societies with a large number of Christians (mostly Africa).

In various contexts, African girls face major challenges: economic deprivation, traditional misunderstandings, abuse, gender inequality, violence and conflict, and social standards such as early marriage. Nigeria is no exception, to these issues to date though these challenges vary based on region and ethnicity.


phone gallery: by chidimma

The Igbos’ are traditionally patriarchal. The male child is raised to believe that he is superior to females, and he is taught this from an early age. The male child in the traditional Igbo society is therefore regarded as very important for both men and women. this perception can also be seen by women too, Igbo women have a strong impression of male gender preference, which is heavily impacted by socio-demographic factors. Igbo women may seek fetal gender at ultrasound due to a male gender preference.

We believe that these women’s perceptions of male gender preference may lead them to embrace sex selection technologies and sex-selective abortion, thereby altering SRB in favor of males and resulting in future masculinization of the adult population, with all of the societal repercussions that entail.

Top 6 questions commonly directed to parents with all girl-child

  • “You have your hands full.” (I’m sure anyone with kids — no matter the number.
  • “Wait ’til they are all teenagers and on their periods.” (I am well aware of female biology, but why is that appropriate to discuss with a stranger?)
  • “Hope you are saving for all those weddings.” (I will be happy if they get married and add sons to our family…but still blessed if they don’t.)
  • “You are surrounded by women.” (Why, yes…yes, I am. Thank you, Captain Obvious, for clarifying.)
  • When will you retire? After collecting all this bride price( dowry) they are my kids, not pension scheme.
  • “Are you going to try for a boy?” (Well, were seven already therefore no more  but I am not concerned about the gender.)

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