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Listen – Night life in Dublin

Architecture Bar

No visit to Dublin would be complete without visiting one (or more) of its many pubs. Drinks are relatively expensive: a pint of stout costs from €4.00 and up, while the lager costs around €4.50 and up. Going out in Dublin can be a real questioning though, what am I in the mood for? What do I wear? and most importantly where do we go out? Dublin is great to go out because the center is small enough that you can go from places to places, different available bars and clubs being just within walking distance from each other. In a survey made by the Irish Nightclub Industry Association, among alcohol consumers, 70% were drinking in bars and nightclubs. Huge figure.

I always loved going out at night in different places around Dublin. The variety of possible nights out around, Irish music, rock, rap… is intriguing and people change along with the music. An old pub will have Irish families celebrating, Rock music will always have people keeping the spirit of ‘Rock and Roll’ going, Electronic music will gather ‘hipsters’ etc… It’s this diversity we tried to show you in this documentary, and hopefully, help you find where to go out next weekend!


We tried to tell the story along with the people you can find in these locations, during night time. A pub owner, A DJ, vox-pops, we tried to give you a tour of what’s available for you out there, while giving a big space to music throughout this radio documentary.

Enjoy !


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