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Listen: Who gets to choose your profession? (Parent or child)

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Choosing a career path for oneself may be difficult, especially if you are forced to make a decision about what you want to do with your life at an early age. Many of us had to pick a career to focus on, and it may have been an impulse to choose or you would really like to do that profession. Our parents are there, though, to help us make these choices.

Making a life-altering decision may be challenging, especially when you are unsure of how things will end out. You should always remember to ask your friends and family for advice while making important decisions.

However, it’s also important to have career coaching in your life. You’ll be able to see the possibilities of your career. Why not check out this Career Coaching in Rockville for more info!

But what happens when they try to force you into a professional path?

That is the subject of the episode of The Night Owl. It is a podcast session in which a group of friends get together and express their thoughts on a certain topic. In this example, the topic is “Do you feel it is the role of parents to design a professional path for their children, or should youths choose their own vocations and parents aid them in accomplishing it?”

This is the first episode of the night owl, and it has special guests who are Nigerian master’s students at Griffith College who discuss their perspectives on the subject. Mabel, Peace, and Darey are among the visitors as well as the host of the podcast Matilda.

We had a casual discussion and they shared their thoughts and suggestions for the youths out there, using instances from their own personal experiences.

Have a listen below to the discussion and do not forget to also comment your own opinions on the topic.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels
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