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Listen – Cold Ones With the Boys – Archeology in Ireland

Light bulb - Matthieu Dumas

Dave O’Loughlin is a young Irish archeologist, digging up hidden treasures in Ireland. This week he accepted to speak on the show “Cold ones with the boys”, a homemade podcast covering different subjects every week. This week then, we have a quick chat about archeology with an expert from the field.

Ever dreamed to be Indiana Jones? Well, one podcast isn’t going to make it, you need years of study. But this podcast will bring you an interesting glance at Irish Archeology, and their role to dig into Irish history.

Archeology: the study of historic or prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other such remains, especially those that have been excavated. And guess what in Glendalough, right outside of Dublin, grounds are still dug up.

So take a cold one (or a hot one we don’t judge), and enjoy this light-hearted piece, needed in those long confinement days. The show is co-hosted by fellow journalist Malcolm G. and performer Richard Keyrexx.


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