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Limited Skincare Brands Factor the African Skin

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When you ask a beauty expert if women of varied skin tones can find they right skincare product, the answer would be yes. But the right question is, can they find it easily? The answer is no.

In an article by beauty columnist, Funmi Fetto, she explained that even though brands like Fenty Beauty are redefining the beauty industry, the industry is failing the black skin woman.

Hauwa Ibrahim, a skincare expert and the founder of Adonmu beauty, said that although they are a few great products out there, more research must be done.

Photo by Livingstone Ochieng from Pexels

“The African skin is quite unique; it absorbs moisture quite differently. It is exposed to a much different kind of climate and most skincare products that are usually available do not factor in the African skin type.

“Although, we have the same dry skin and oily skin as other race but because of our genetics and the climate, products used on the African skin has to differ,” Ibrahim said.

A lot of skincare products imported to the African Continent are made from ingredients that are not found in Africa and doesn’t fit the climate.

Ibrahim said that this is the reason Adonmu uses oils and plants like moringa oil and shea butter in their products to fit the African skin and work with the African climate.

The skincare expert said that when making skincare product for the African skin different formulas are used when making skincare products for Africans. “When making lotion we use different formulas for a dry skin person who lives in the Sahara side of the continent from another person who lives in the more temperate region of Africa,” she said

“It is quite difficult for me to find a skincare product that matches my skin. Most times I have to order from South Africa” Lindi Masinga, an International student in Dublin said.

Ibrahim advised that more research should be done in order to cater for the African skin.

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