Limerick Voluntary Suicide Watch Group

Limerick’s rate of suicide is double the national average rate per county.

The harrowing sound of Coast Guard Search and Rescue Helicopter hovering over the Shannon is a noise that you never get used to hearing.

Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention is the city’s newest suicide prevention group that patrols local bridges during high-risk times for suicide.

Founded in 2018 and now operating with just over 40 volunteer members, LTSP is continuing to grow. They have just recently set up a new base in St John’s Street. And much deservedly, they have also reached an amazing milestone by achieving Charity status. This will allow the group to fundraise to keep the much needed organisation up and running. Up until this point the Voluntary group were operating relying solely on the donations of the public.

Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention have also launched a new podcast. The ‘Life is for Living’ podcast will offer listeners advice on how to overcome the different struggles they may face, such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and all things associated with mental health.

Life is for Living currently offers a total of 16 episodes, with each episode dealing with a different theme, at times using emotive, character driven stories drawing from lived experiences. 

Episode One of the podcast kicks off with broadcaster Keith Walsh, former RTE 2fm Breakfast Show. Walsh is now a major advocate of mental health and in the podcast, speaks about his own personal experience with mental health and how to ask for help.  

Other episodes of the podcast will include tips for creating a healthy environment when working from home during the pandemic and creating a healthier headspace when dealing with issues such as distraction and anxiety. Each podcast episode is thirty minutes long and can be accessed via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  

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