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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Photo by: Thanh Huyen

With Covid-19 restrictions, life is unpredictable and challenging for students. Nisha Baichwal – an international currently majoring in Master course of Big Data Management and Analytic at Griffith College also went through the feeling of loneliness and depression during the lockdown in Ireland. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Since last year, many universities in Ireland decided to be done online as much as possible. Instead of being on campus, they have to attend Zoom lectures. The lack of interaction in societies affects the mental health of many students. This period has been challenging for people, especially international students. According to the survey carried by Penny Quinn and Sinéad McGilloway at Maynooth University in June 2020, 61% of young people reported low or sub-optimal levels of overall wellbeing, almost half (46%) reported high levels of depression and/or anxiety, and similar proportions reported that they were not coping well. Their college experience during the pandemic was different in many ways.

Nisha experienced isolation and homesickness when she came to Ireland during the lockdown. Photo by: Thanh Huyen

Coming to Ireland since this country was in lockdown, Nisha faced mounting difficulties in mental health during her quarantine on campus. Adjusting to a new environment, culture, campus, and country, let alone during a worldwide pandemic is not easy for her at the first time. However, as the time went by, she learned to accept the reality and found her own ways to maintain her social life whilst complying with the Covid-19 restrictions. Her story brings a positive message to thousands of students face in adjusting during this time: We cannot change the reality, but we can change the eyes which see reality.

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