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Life of a personal trainer

With more people investing more into their health and fitness lately, the rise in personal trainers, fitness blogs and fitness content on social media have been on the rise. The circular decided to interview a personal trainer to get an insight into what it is like to be a personal trainer and to find out what a personal trainer’s daily regime looks like. With them being the source of motivation for many people who try and improve their lifestyle we wanted to understand how they do so for their own life’s.

We caught up with Mark Holland who is a personal trainer at Nikafit Studios. With just over four years of experience as a personal trainer, he shares his routines and five key things you can change or practice to live a healthier lifestyle.

We asked Mark how he first got into personal training and he said :

I was always active and involved in sports growing up. I went to college to study psychology and realized it wasn’t for me, I then pursued a career in the fitness industry and have been a trainer for over four years now

Mark Holland

The Circular was curious about what Mark’s daily schedule would look like, so we asked Mark to share it with us and he was more than happy too.

A working day would be :

Wake up at 4.20am

Have breakfast

Arrive work at 5.20am

Train clients from 6am – 11am


Take a nap and train between 11-3pm

Eat again

Train clients from 4pm – 9pm





That is a hectic schedule to maintain on a daily basis, so we asked Mark how does he keep himself motivated to improve his personal wellbeing and health while staying on top of his game and managing such a tight schedule?

It’s hard to find time and energy for your own training with such a hectic schedule, at the end of the day health and well-being are very important and need to be worked on constantly for both physical and mental well-being. Also trying new things keeps it fresh – any sort of exercise that you enjoy is most likely the one that you will stick with

Mark Holland

Before ending the interview with Mark we asked him to give us a 5 step regime that an individual who would like to improve their quality of life can follow and here is what he had to say:

Five changes to have a better daily life

  1. Move more, move as often as possible.
  2. Learn to train efficiently and effectively to maximize results and minimize injuries
  3. Make sustainable changes over time as opposed to drastic hard to maintain ones.
  4. Sleep is the most underrated tool at your disposal.
  5. Eat to fuel your body, don’t try to starve your body it to produce results.
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