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Life Abroad during a World wide Pandemic.

Infamous Temple Bar street, Circa 2020 St. Patricks day

After a year and a couple of months, I can confidently say that I’ve acclimatized myself with the essentials necessary to be called a Dubliner. From my first day boarding a bus which was so orderly and responsible, I knew I would enjoy my stay here. Lagosian, imagine getting to the bus stop and waiting with other passengers for the ‘danfo’ which accommodates roughly 18 persons excluding the bus conductor and upon arrival of the bus, elderly and disabled people are allowed to board first before others come aboard… just imagine. Also, imagine not having a conductor screaming over you to collect the bus fares and in the process, dropping saliva specs at every utterance. Don’t even get me started on noise, air and land pollution. Ireland has been grand so far.

But, like so many areas in life, there are downsides of moving abroad and leaving your family and friends behind in pursuit of ‘greener pastures’, whatever that means. Loneliness, is one of them.

The year is 2021 and the entire universe is hit with a pandemic called the Coronavirus. This virus has made it almost impossible to socialize and acquaint oneself with his/her surroundings thereby adding to the issue at hand.

Speaking with Uyi Favor on ‘‘The Sandra Series’ Podcast’ we talked about the loneliness of living in a foreign land, shared experience in terms of food, weather and people plus our expectations and disappointments as we enter into another level of lockdown here and majorly, the constant requirement of experience before any opportunity can be granted to one. not to say that Experience isn’t a prerequisite to employment, Uyi further stated in this interview which can be heard here on Apple Podcast and Spotify

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